The Curriculum

At agora academy, we believe in balancing a grammar-based approach to Latin instruction, with abundant opportunities for students to apply their knowledge of word forms and linguistic concepts to translations.

roman coin

By the end of the Latin I course, students will have full mastery of noun forms over all five declensions and will be able to identify and translate nouns placed in any case. All four verb conjugations are covered in the course, and students will be able to confidently form and translate verbs in all six tenses of the indicative, active and passive, as well as verbs in the imperative mood. Agora Academy will also introduce students to adjectives, adverbs, and a host of necessary grammatical concepts that will transform them not only into excellent Latinists, but better speakers and writers of English.

Each concept will be paired with an original translation that will help students to (1) apply the new material from that lesson and (2) integrate that new material with what they previously learned. The curriculum emphasizes translating Latin as well as identifying patterns that make reading Latin an easier and more enjoyable experience. The goal is for students to make the transition to reading original Latin composed by native speakers as quickly as possible. By the end of the course, students will be presented with short excerpts from original works of Catullus, Caesar, and more.