What We Do

For the past 1000 years, the Classics have been taught in the same way. And for good reason – it works! But with all the new learning technologies and teaching styles available, we have a great opportunity to make Latin education more engaging for the modern student, while still keeping to our traditions. And as you’ve probably noticed in your own searches, this can be hard to find.

The Pantheon Illustration

Yes, the internet is filled with tools like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo that are great for learning Spanish or French — but Latin isn’t like other languages. Latin requires a stronger emphasis on the mechanics of the language, including grammatical concepts, the forms and functions of word endings, and the subtleties of translations. Because existing language resources are ill-equipped to serve those needs, we created agora academy to provide a rigorous and exciting introduction to the Classics.

agora academy is true to this traditional style of instruction because we prepare students to read the actual ancient texts; however, we’re different because our curriculum is designed to be simple, accessible, and engaging. We’ve created easy to understand video lessons that are aligned with the National Latin Exam syllabus, and we have tons of interactive exercises and formative assessments for students to practice their Latin and measure their comprehension.

Caesar On Horseback
Ancient Rome

At agora academy, we see the Classics as a critical part of a student’s education. Done right, Latin provides students with a deeper understanding of grammar, a broadened vocabulary, acute logical thinking, and direct access to the culture and ideas of our long distant ancestors. Our sincere goal is to help teachers and students advance Latin instruction towards 21st century pedagogies, and to make sure Latin continues to flourish as a discipline for the next 1000 years.

We Hope You Join Us!